SDLP Assembly Member for Newry and Armagh Justin McNulty MLA has described reported plans by the British Government to end the prosecution of those involved in heinous crimes in Northern Ireland as a ‘gross betrayal’ of victims and survivors. 

Mr McNulty explained, “The British Government’s plan to end the prosecution of those involved in murder on the streets of Northern Ireland is an absolute betrayal of victims and survivors who have campaigned for justice for decades. These plans demonstrate that this government is more interested in keeping Tory backbenchers sweet than delivering truth, justice and accountability for horrendous crimes committed here. It is totally appalling and is fundamentally wrong. 

“The Secretary of State was this week engaging with the Irish Government so it is just astounding that he chose to deliberately conceal these plans from them, the co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement, and instead elected to have government sources brief the Tory press in London. No discussion with political parties in the North, no discussion with victims or their families. It is shabby, cynical, politically immoral and absolutely dishonest.”  

“If the British Government thinks that denying truth and justice will resolve the difficulties of our past then they have learned nothing from the last 50 years. They will simply damn another generation to carrying the burden of injustice and will poison efforts to reconcile our communities.’ 

‘I don’t know how Boris and his deluded advisors are thinking.  They know what they do for the British Solider they will have to do for the gunmen, bombers and baseball bat wielders.  They know that they are putting families through a horrendous grief even by floating this idea and yet, they do not care.  Families want justice, they need justice and they deserve justice.’  


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