Armagh Road Traffic Congestion Needs Addressed

Newry/Armagh MLA Liz Kimmins and her colleague Cllr Charlie Casey have urged for a resolution to be found to address the long standing issues with traffic congestion emanating from Damolly Retail Park on the Armagh Road Newry.

Speaking in relation to the matter, Liz Kimmins said,

“Cllr Casey and I have been working on this issue for some time now and in recent months have been engaging with the site owners and representatives from the Dept for Infrastructure to find a solution to this problem.

The site owners have been very co-operative and are currently doing all they can to develop a solution which will alleviate the current issues being experienced by motorists using the Armagh Road. 

The backlog of traffic has been problematic for a number of years, and this has worsened over the last year especially. We have received numerous complaints from local residents who are having difficulties at peak times accessing their homes, as well as shoppers who have simply said they are deterred from going to the retail park while this continues.”

Cllr Casey added,

“We appreciate the efforts of the site owners to address this important issue and will continue to work with them and DFI until the matter is fully resolved. As this progresses, we will keep the wider public informed and hope to have a positive outcome soon.

As we move out of covid and we see more cars on the road, we want to ensure this problem is not escalated further and that those businesses in the area do not suffer as a result either. It is in everyone’s best interests that a solution is found and we are committed to doing that.”


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