SDLP Call For Increased Crown Force Resources Is “Out of Touch”

A recent statement issued by the spineless SDLP calling for more “community policing” in Newry should be treated with contempt according to the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh.

Speaking from the party’s Newry office local Saoradh representative Stephen Murney responded by saying “The mealy-mouthed statement issued by the SDLP’s Justin McNulty just shows how out of touch he and his party are with the Republican and Nationalist community. 

“The Crown Forces primary role is to uphold and enforce British occupation. This is a fact that cannot be ignored coupled with a significant amount of their resources and time is spent targeting the Republican community.

“Justin McNulty and his family won’t have to suffer intrusive and degrading stop and searches along with violent house raids due to his political views. For Republicans on the other hand that is part and parcel of daily life in the six-counties and is something the SDLP and their fellow stoops in Sinn Fein not only conveniently ignore but also give fig-leaf cover to. 

“Republican and Nationalist communities in Newry know only too well the strong arm tactics deployed by these forces and these aren’t confined to previous years and decades. It is very much still happening today. 

“On a daily basis people within local communities in Newry are followed, harassed and stopped and searched. This isn’t confined to adults as children are also subjected to such treatment which amounts to nothing more than child abuse. Also when children are forced to watch their parents subjected to such treatment it is bound to have an effect on them.” 

Stephen added “Futhermore failed mechanisms such as the ombudsman are nothing more that toothless bodies with little or no influence when it comes to accountability. This has been proven time and time again with the Republican position being consistently vindicated. 

“The Crown Forces today have access to more repressive legislation than at any time in the last 40 years and the fact that MI5 are very much in control of those forces means they are accountable to nobody.

“We are under no illusion as to the issues facing local areas. The solution is not to fawn over the RUC but rather to explore genuine community based initiatives aimed at empowering those communities who suffer under anti-community elements, drugs, deprivation and capitalism. Saoradh are more than willing to assist in such a project. 

Murney concluded by saying “There is nothing “normal” about these forces and their pro-imperialist activities. Saoradh would encourage communities in Newry and further afield to continue to reject the British forces of occupation. They are strangers and outsiders and are not welcome or wanted.”


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