Southern Trust Relocate Sexual Health Clinic – Supporting Women Newry

Dated March 29th

We are absolutely delighted today to announce that people power and the resounding voices of the Women of Newry and surrounding areas have been heard loud and clear.We said a magnanimous NO to intimidation and harassment and the voice was heard from hill street to Stormont.

We can confirm that the sexual health clinic has been relocated to a more secure site by the SHSCT. This ensures that staff working in these clinics are protected from further harassment and a harmonious working environment is restored to the other staff working in JMP. It also means that Women and children will be able to access other services without fear or intimidation.

This campaign success has been as a result of lobbying politicians and other representatives, some of whom were supportive of the women of Newry and pressurising the Trust to fulfil their legal responsibility to protect their employees.We are satisfied that staff have a harmonious working environment restored and free access to healthcare has been restored in JMP. No longer does a woman who has suffered a miscarriage or still birth have to walk past these protesters and add pain to her already heavy heart. For that alone, we are proud.

When we witnessed the scene outside JMP this morning, it was with total bewilderment. Precious life and associated groups were standing again with their placards and pictures outside JMP. We as a group actually felt pity towards them as it was obvious no one had informed them that the clinic had been relocated.We took it upon ourselves as decent citizens to let them know that the sexual health clinic had been moved to prevent the future hate filled circus they have created for some time now.We were dignified as always despite the hate filled responses.

Whilst the PSNI presence today was obviously an unnecessary drain on public resources, we were disappointed at the inaction towards the ongoing covid breaches evident within the pro-life circus at JMP.

We are however claiming a win for the women of Newry who stood up and said enough is enough.We would like to thank those women for their unwavering support in this campaign and for the faith you placed in “supporting women Newry” to get the job done.Huge thanks also to the staff in JMP who placed their trust in us to assist us to help them.Bravo to our wonderful NHS staff.You protect us so we protect you.The women and men who stood up to bullies in Newry did so to allow you to care for us without fear or intimidation.

Today we are elated that common sense has prevailed. It might have taken an Army of women but we did it!!!!!

We will of course monitor the situation and are fully prepared to take further action if deemed necessary.

We are strong

We are dignified

We are women

We are Newry


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