Three Ways Playing Sport Post Education Keeps You Feeling Young!

In this article we’ll look at how engaging in team and individual sports can help you mentally, physically, and socially.

We are now on our way out of another long and hard lockdown. We have been in and out of lockdowns since March 2020 but brighter days are ahead of us.
The Northern Ireland Executive has released its own roadmap out of lockdown which will allow us to live the life we all miss pre-Covid 19.
We’ve all heard the common saying “School days are the best times of our lives”, which I certainly can relate to, but what if we could get the chance to live those days again? For those who have represented your place of education at a sport or athletic competition will know how excited we felt before and the sense of achievement after it ended, no matter what the result.

We all know that exercise can improve our physical, mental, and social well-being, who doesn’t know that? But do we really know how much it can improve our general health though?
Looking at our physical health, participation in sporting activities can lead to extended life expectancy. It can decrease chances of strokes, heart attacks and cancer. It can also result in joints and bones getting stronger, vitally important for those heading into their 50s.

Mentally, massive improvements can be noticed as soon as your first session with your new team. Improvements such as increased quality of life and overall well-being, increased self-development, and the ability to combat poor mental health and negative stress.

Finally, social health is severally underrated but playing sports can lead to more chance of meeting new people – something we’ve all missed doing during the lockdowns. Confidence and communication will increase massively as well as feeling part of a group. Feeling valued is something we all enjoy.

Why not join your local sports team? Newry has a massive variety of sports clubs ranging from Football, GAA, Rugby, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis and much more. There’s something for everyone, there’s something for you. There never has been a better time to join a club than the present!

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