Newry Women’s Group Are Not Supporting Women. – Wells

South Down MLA Jim Wells has criticised a Newry women’s group for their stance on defending women in the act of abortion. Supporting Women Newry was recently formed by local women in the Newry area to defend women’s rights. The group have been highly critical of the organisation Precious Life and its founder Bernie Smith for harassing women who have attended the clinic at John Mitchell Place, Newry.

Before Christmas 2020 the group held an anti abortion protest outside the clinic criticising women who chose to have an abortion. The protest was also attended by DUP MLA Jim Wells. These protests however have prompted a few local women in Newry to set up an action group and organise a counter protest this Monday 15th March at 1pm at the clinic.

Speaking to Clanrye News and Sport Mr Wells said:

“I have attended a protest outside the John Mitchell Place clinic before Christmas. I can’t be there on Monday as there is an important abortion demand at Stormont at the same time. I am totally pro life and have always opposed abortion in Northern Ireland.”

“Human life begins at conception and must be protected and because Northern Ireland introduced the 1967 Abortion Act we saved the lives of 100,000 People. I would certainly not intend to be present at any event which supports the killing of the unborn child.”

“If there are more than 18 people present on Monday the chances are that one of them would not be alive today to stand there if we had abortion on demand in Northern Ireland.”

“They (supporting women Newry) are not supporting women. They are supporting a small minority of women who believe that is morally acceptable to kill an unborn human being.”

We asked precious life for a statement and at time of print they have not replied.


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