UUP Launch Petition Implement a 20 mph Speed Restriction in the Vicinity of Markethill Primary School.

In order to provide children a safe place to play, learn and socialise we believe it is necessary to implement a 20 mph speed restriction in the vicinity of Markethill Primary School including the new neighbouring play park on the Mowhan road, Markethill. Not only will this provide safety to children but also peace of mind to parents and guardians.
This proposal would also give assurances to parents and allow kids who walk to school or wait for the bus to do so more safely encouraging a more sustainable mode of travel.
Jim Speers and Gordon Kennedy, Ulster Unionist councillors for Cusher ward on Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council have launched this petition to the Infrastructure Minister for the swift implementation of a 20mph speed restriction.
Last year 100 schools were included in the department’s speed restriction pilot scheme however, sadly Markethill Primary School was left out. With the opening of the new play park we feel it is right and proper that a restriction is in place to ensure the safety of everyone especially our primary school pupils.

Please sign the petition using this link:


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