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SDLP Youth Newry and Armagh Launch Youth Gambling Campaign.

Gambling is a major issue in general in todays society. However the issue of more and more young people becoming addicted to gambling is now more prevalent than ever. The SDLP youth in Newry and Armagh have pledged to raise awareness of the issue and help wherever they can.

Speaking to Clanrye News and Sport SDLP Youth Newry & Armagh Public Relations Officer and Community Worker Jordan Poucher said:

“I am glad to today announce our latest campaign. Unfortunately the disease of addiction is all too rife throughout our communities and young people are not exempt from falling victim to this.”

“When young people think of addiction they will often immediately think of the most prevalent, for example alcohol and drugs but the latest studies show more and more youth are finding themselves addicted to gambling.”

“What might start as an occasional bet through a bookmakers app or visit to a casino with their peers can more times than not lead to them losing more than they can afford. 
In preparation for our campaign we as a branch have heard several heartfelt testimonies from young people who have experienced just how easy it is for a gambling addiction to take control of them and their families lives. Getting themselves into severe debt which in return has had a detrimental effect on their mental health and on some occasions tragically leading to self harm.”

“Another way gambling can take a grasp on a young person’s life is through stocks and shares “investments”. This past few years in particular young people are being bombarded with glamorous propoganda success stories from “influencers” on platforms like Tiktok and YouTube. This can often portray a false reality of the high loss stakes that comes with trading things like crypto currencies, yes it is possible to return a profit, but you can very quickly find yourself losing everything you have invested in a matter of seconds.”

“Newry & Armagh SDLP Youth will be accelerating our campaign in the coming months whilst working closely with our MLA Justin McNulty, SDLP Assembly and Westminster Teams to do all we can on this issue. 
Since our establishment just five months ago SDLP Youth Newry & Armagh have worked their way through dozens of successful campaigns whilst representing all youth in our constituency which in return has naturally seen a huge surge in membership. I invite any young person from  any background that cares about making a real change in their community to get involved. Get in touch with us on any social media platform to find out more or visit


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