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Finance Minister, Conor Murphy today welcomed the announcement that additional funding of over £200million has been allocated to the Peace Plus programme.

In recent months, Minister Murphy has been calling on the British Government to increase their contribution to the programme and has repeatedly highlighted the importance of the fund for peace and reconciliation initiatives. “The news today that the British Government has increased their support is encouraging.  I have been campaigning for proportionate additional resources to replace EU funding for this critical programme for some time.  This extra funding will allow programme development to quickly progress for opening in 2021 and benefit those in our community most in need of its unique support.”

However, the Finance Minister underlined the need for clarity and assurance around the Shared Prosperity Fund.  “While today’s news is a positive step, funding gaps remain in the Shared Prosperity Fund and these will have a devastating effect on our spending power.  It is unacceptable that this uncertainty remains and I will continue to press for the full replacement of lost EU funding and devolved control for funding decisions into the future.”


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