Armagh Business Community Newry South Armagh

Treasury Announcements Remind us the U.K. is Better Together! – Ratcliffe

Newry and Armagh TUV representative Keith Ratcliffe has stated the importance of the British economy and the maintaining of Northern Ireland within the British Empire.

TUV Newry and Armagh representative Keith Ratcliffe:

“The announcements by the Treasury of a package of measures to help with the cost of living crisis underscores yet again the benefits of being part of one of the world’s leading economies. The might of the British economy and direction of funds from London allowed Northern Ireland to weather much of the Covid storm. Now it is helping families and our most vulnerable in another crisis.

“Many who are carried away with the nonsense about an all-Ireland and the breakup of our great nation ignore the reality that such support would not be on offer if our people were relying on Dublin.”


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