Armagh Community Election 2022 Health Newry South Armagh

Sympathy to Family, Friends and to the Ambulance Crew – Grant

Nicola Grant, Workers Party Assembly candidate in Newry & Armagh, has expressed her sympathy on the death of the young woman  while waiting for an ambulance in Newry recently.

“This is a terrible tragedy and a very difficult and heartbreaking time for this young woman’s family and friends. They are very much in my thoughts”, Nicola said 

“I would also like to express my sympathy to the ambulance crew which travelled from Belfast, to the call handlers and all their colleagues in the Ambulance Service. This will undoubtedly affect them as well.

“It is important for public confidence that a full and clear explanation of the circumstances is forthcoming as quickly as possible”, Nicola said. 

“There must also be steps taken immediately by the Department of Health and the Ambulance Service to address the shortage of resources to ensure that this type of incident can never happen again”, Nicola concluded.


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