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Saoradh Newry Will Remove Daisy Hill Hospital Clamps!

Saoradh Newry have pledged to cut off clamps placed on cars in Daisy Hill hospital if contacted by vehicle owners.

This comes after four van loads of men from a private company arrived at the hospital car park earlier today [Feb 22nd] and began clamping cars belonging to visitors, patients and staff.

Speaking from Saoradh’s Newry office local activist Anthony Coyle said “This is a disgraceful attack on frontline workers and the vulnerable and it won’t be tolerated. 

“Staff, patients and visitors alike have been receiving fines in the past few weeks and now a private company APCOA has resorted to clamping vehicles.” 

Anthony continued “Some of the staff, including nurses and doctors, work long hours helping those in need. Likewise patients attending for treatment and visitors are also being targeted by Apcoa. The last thing they need is to find their vehicle clamped after a long tiring shift.

“This is an attack on healthcare workers and those most in need. Saoradh call on the Southern Trust to bring this disgraceful treatment to an end.”

Coyle concluded by voicing the party’s intentions to remove the clamps, he said “If anyone finds themselves clamped and would like us to intervene and have it removed our party office can be contacted on 028 3026 1851.”


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