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McKevitt Welcomes Annalong Puffin Crossing

SDLP councillor Karen McKevitt has welcomed a £35,000 puffin crossing for the Kilkeel Road in Annalong.

The announcement was made by SDLP Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon on Monday.

Councillor McKevitt said the important safety measure would be welcomed by the local community.

Councillor McKevitt said:

“This significant investment by SDLP Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon will deliver an important safety upgrade for the community in Annalong and everyone who travels the Kilkeel Road in a vehicle or on foot. This puffin crossing will create a safe crossing point for pedestrians on this busy road and ensure that drivers are well aware that people may be crossing nearby, allowing them to modify their speed accordingly.

“Myself and my SDLP colleagues have raised the need for road safety improvements in this area for some time and SDLP Minister Mallon has made it a priority since taking office. She has once again delivered a project that will improve the lives of local people and demonstrated her commitment to listening to local communities.

“While other parties are more focused on serving their own ends, putting the very future of devolution at stake and risking important legislation by calling for an early election, Minister Mallon is using what’s left of this Assembly term to get as many projects over the line in the limited time left.”


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