Community Newry

Newry IRPWA Hold Christmas Tree Vigil

Despite dismal weather conditions Revolutionary Republicans in Newry held their annual Christmas tree vigil for Republican Prisoners in the centre of the town on Wednesday evening [8th Dec].

Speaking after the event former Republican Prisoner Stephen Murney said “Members of the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association [IRPWA], Saoradh and Éistigí activists took part in the solemn event at the Christmas Tree in Hill Street, Newry as part of the launch of our Green Ribbon campaign for Republican prisoners. 

“The names of Republican Prisoners were attached to the tree, a reminder to the thousands of daily shoppers that there are still Irish citizens held captive in British and Free State prisons for opposing the ongoing occupation.”

Murney continued “The month of December has become a traditional fixture in the calendar of those who continue to campaign and support the current political prisoners throughout Ireland and their families. December, a time of the year widely known for festivities, happiness, togetherness, and most of all,  appreciation for those you call family. We know December can also be a tough and trying period for those attempting to provide for their loved ones and young children. 

“Today, we send strength and solidarity to those who will have an empty seat at their table this Christmas due to their mother, father , son, brother or sister being incarcerated at the hands of the British and free state governments. 

“The IRPWA have once again launched our Green Ribbon campaign to encourage people to show support for Republican political prisoners and their loved ones. The Green Ribbon in Ireland for many years was synonymous with Republican prisoners and their struggle for freedom. Since the abandonment of the Revolution by reformists , Republican political prisoners and symbols associated with them such as the Green Ribbon were also abandoned and cast aside by those consumed into the very system that imprisons our friends and loved ones.”

Stephen added “We also take this opportunity to send fraternal greetings and Revolutionary solidarity to our incarcerated comrades and freedom fighters around the world. We salute you.

We, the families, friends and comrades of those shackled by Britain and her free state cheerleaders , stand here today with a simple message.”

The ex-prisoner concluded by saying ” Remember the republican political prisoners this Christmas, wear your green ribbon with pride!”


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