Newry Politics

Saoradh Protest at PSNI Recruitment Event in Newry

Just hours after the RUC Crown Forces attempted to recruit a Saoradh member as an informer in Newry, the Revolutionary Republican Party targeted a recruitment event in the Canal Court Hotel.

Local Republicans were refused entry to the venue but an official letter of protest was handed to the management of the hotel before party activists embarked in protest action outside the establishment.

The letter detailed the reasons behind our opposition including PSNI links with MI5, house raids, stop and searches, child abuse and the more recent tactic of the Crown Forces using Social Services as a tool of oppression. 
A ring of steel was put in place around the hotel with numerous armed Crown Force members taking up position both inside and outside. Armoured cars and undercover British units were also situated in the streets surrounding the venue.

As protesters gathered outside banners were unfurled and posters highlighting the unchanged nature of the British Forces of occupation were held aloft as Socialist Republicans opposed and exposed the unchanged nature of the force.

Speaking after the protest Saoradh’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said “The simple sound of dissenting voices was enough to force the overzealous gestapo into overdrive. 

“If joining the RUC/PSNI was an acceptable and “normal” career choice, on par with genuine emergency services such as the Fire and Ambulance service, then none of the above “security measures” would have been put in place and it would have proceeded unopposed. 

“The fact the Crown Forces had to resort to such measures is a victory for republicans. The RUC/PSNI have in fact assisted in dispelling the myth that they are accepted and welcome in Newry.” 

Murney concluded by saying “Saoradh ensured that this event did not go unopposed and we pledge to continue to confront, expose and oppose the Crown Forces. They are the front line of British occupation and their primary aim is to protect that.”


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