Prime Minister Needs to be Forced to Choose – Institutions or Protocol – TUV

Statement by TUV party chairman and East Londonderry representative Jordan Armstrong:

“Unionists, who this week unitedly spelt out their “unalterable position” that the Protocol must be rejected, will be disgusted with the Prime Minister’s comments this evening.

“The simple truth is that far from the Protocol not working it is working exactly as intended when it disrupts our trade with the rest of our country and reorientates us towards all island arrangements. 

“With the High Court having already found that the Protocol is incompatible with Article VI of the Act of Union there is a clear constitutional duty on the Prime Minister to scrap the Protocol and, belatedly, stand up for this part of the United Kingdom.

“The issues with the Sea Border are not teething problems but issues of the most grave constitutional importance. As long as Northern Ireland is left in a foreign single market for goods and under a foreign customs code ruled by foreign laws which we do not make and cannot change the situation will be intolerable for any democrat.

“If tonight’s comments from the Prime Minister indicate the direction of travel by the Government it merely underscores my belief that Unionist politicians need to ramp up the pressure dramatically. London needs to be forced to choose between the Protocol and continued Unionist participation in Stormont institutions. The very survival of the Union is at stake.”


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